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Product & Production FAQ's

Q • Do we offer wholesale pricing?

A • Our whole website consists of wholesale pricing.


Q • What is our standard turn around? 

A • 5-7 business days from proof approval. You can select a quicker turn around time (2-4 business days, next day, same day production) for an extra charge. Keep in mind that this time does not include shipping time. Business days are Monday thru Friday. Saturday and Sunday do not count as production or shipping days.

Our website provider Big Commerce unfortunately limits our statuses so your order will show as"Awaiting Fullfilment" until it ships. If you have a status questions, please call: 866.811.4266


Q • What is our production cut-off time? 

A • 10AM on the day of the order. If your artwork is not camera ready your order will be delayed. Production times are in business days, i.e. Monday thru Friday. We guarentee turnaround times ONLY on camera ready files that have been created using our templates.  


Q • What Kind of presses do we use?

A • We use Komori Lithrone 640 series presses and Xerox digital presses. 


Q • What is the resolution of your digital and offset products? 

A • On digital, we print at a minimum of 300 dpi up to 600 dpi. On our offset plate makers, we use a technology called staccato or Stochastic, which is much higher than 300 dpi close to 600 dpi. Our standard card stocks are 14pt or 16pt c2s for offset and gangrun jobs (which we have the best pricing on). We can also do a custom run on just about any stock available. We do digital and offset printing. We do four color process and we can print with PMS to match any color you like, but spot colors can get pricy.  


Q • What is the difference between offset and digital printing?

A • Offset printing is a widely used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or "offset") first from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Based on the repulsion of oil and water, paper obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a film of water, keeping the nonprinting areas ink-free. Digital printing is a widely used, plate-less system that involves the reproduction of digital images on a physical surface, like a copier. Each cycle of the printer transfers a fresh image – same or different – to the substrate.


Q • What type of process do you use for printing t-shirts? 

A • Our standard is screen printing for T-shirt; but if you want high resolution full color on your T-shirt we can do inkjet.


Q • How many colors max for screen printing?

A • We can do full color process or 8 spot color.


Q • I want to print a t-shirt, can I get a sample of the quality of the printing? 

A • Unfortunately, we cannot provide any t-shirt samples unless you have an order in process and need a "proof". 


Q • What is our minimum order for t-shirts and are there any other charges?

A • Our minimum order is for $100 or 144 garments; there is a setup fee of $20 per color for orders under 144 pcs. 


Q • What brand of t-shirts do we use? 

A • Our house shirts are Gildan, Port and Company, or Hanes; but we can get just about any brand.


Q • When ordering the Direct Mail do you guys have a saturation option? 

A • We do have a saturation option available with our Direct Mail services. The cost can be anywhere from 15 cents to 25 cents per address depending on the zip codes you are wanting to target. We also offer demographic Direct Mail options, which would allow you to target specific audiences. If you would like to give us more details about what market you are trying to reach, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Q • Do you do address labels (with my company logo)? 

A • We do business card size labels. We don't do the small address labels. 


Q • Can we print 100 cards, 4x5, with four designs (so 25 cards a design)? 

A • Yes we can. This is not a standard product on our website, but you may ask for a custom quote.


Q • Do Bulk items (such as the 5000 postcards) need to be the same image or can I do 5 images at 1000 each?

A • 5000 is for one image. If you have 5 different images, then you should do the 1000 option. Gang run runs 5000 of 1 image and cannot be split into 5.


Q • Can we print custom sized business cards such as a 1.75 x 3.5 or a 1.5 x 3.5?

A • Yes. It would just be a custom order with the same pricing as a normal business card and possibly a cutting fee, since we have to charge for cutting the cards down to size.


Q • What size are your round corners? 

A • Our round corners have the choice of 1/4 inch or an 1/8th inch radius.


Q • Can you explain the difference of spot UV coating and regular UV coating? 

A • Spot UV is when only a part of the card is super shiney. For example, if you have an image of an apple that you want to "pop" we can UV just the apple and the rest of the card remains matte. Spot UV requires a third file showing in black only the area for UV.


Q • How many pieces do I have to purchase before I can include a Spot UV option on my product?

A • Spot UV has a 1,000 pieces minimum. Spot UV is not available on all products. 


Q • Stickers... are they paper or vinyl?

A • The stickers we offer from the website are paper. We do have the capability to produce vinyl stickers, but that would be a custom order. If you need vinyl stickers, please elaborate on the specifics and we'll be happy to give you a custom quote!


Q • What is our quick & dirty yard sign?

A • The difference is quantity. On our normal 24x18 Coroplast signs come in packs of 4 for $12. If you only need one sign, you can order the Quick & Dirty Yard sign, which is quantity (1) for $5. Obviously, the better deal is the 4 pack but we offer the Quick & Dirty sign for those customers who only need one sign. 


Q • Why do my scored jobs crack? 

A • When a job is coated with UV then scored and folded the job may begin to crack. During use, the cracks will become bigger and the ink may start to chip off. Cracking is normal when coated jobs are scored and folded. Ordering the job without UV will help but may not prevent this. As the job is used and folded more and more, cracking will eventually happen.


Q • What are soy-based inks?

A • Soy-based inks are significantly less toxic than the more commonly used oil-based inks. As a result, the final printed product is more environmentally sound, it is less harmful to the manufacturer, helps minimize pollution issues in the pressroom, and the waste from cleaning the presses is less harmful to the environment.


Q • Are your Temporary Tattoos safe?

A • Yes, The temporary tattoos we sell are safe and non-toxic. Tattoo Manufacturing uses FDA certified colorants and all products exceed U.S., Canadian and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Our tattoos are also compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. Certification documentation is available upon request. As with all brands of temporary tattoos, it is not recommended to place them on the face or other sensitive skin.