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Shipping & Handling FAQ's

Q • Can I pick up my job instead of paying for shipping?

A • Due to varying production schedules and multiple production facilities, we cannot determine the location where your job will be produced once your order is placed. It is therefore necessary to charge shipping and handling on all orders that are processed through our website. All online orders are drop-shipped to the shipping address on the order by default. If it is more convenient for you to pickup your job at our facility, there will still be a shipping and handling charge to cover packaging expenses. The only exception to this rule is SAME DAY production. Shipping may be waived on SAME DAY orders if they are  being produced in the plant they are picked up from.


Q • I chose 2-3 day turnaround where is my order?

A • 2-3 day turnaround refers to production/printing time and not the shipping time. Shipping is based on the service that is selected once an order is placed.


Q • Can I use my Fed Ex or Ups account to ship my order?

A • No, we cannot ship anything other than UPS. This is because we have abinding contract with UPS. We have a level of shipping required by UPS that must be met in order to have our account preferences kept active. Therefore we have to ship all orders on our account. Our policy is to ship all order on our  account so we can always meet our minimum. We can offer them a 10 percent discount with the facebook code to help with the expense.


Q • Are shipping charges really on top of the printing costs?

A • The facebook code will save you 10% on your first order. Shipping is a catch 22 in the printing business. Our products can be very heavy and the only way to offset the shipping would be to raise the print price like many other online sites do. We want to keep the prices for both printing and shipping as accurate as possible.

Q • Do we ship to P.O. Boxes?

A • We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.