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Paper Stock FAQ's

Q • What is our house stock for postcards and business cards?

A • We use 14pt C2S and 16pt C2S.


Q • What type of paper do we use for envelopes?

A • We use 24lb if it is one or two color, 70lb if it is full color. However, 70 lb is similar to a 28lb white wove.


Q • What kind of paper is used for presentation / pocket folders?

A • We use 14pt for presentation folders.


Q • What kind of Paper stock is used for full color letterhead?

A • Letterhead is on 70lb offset.


Q • What kind of paper is used for booklets, and can the dimensions be customized?

A • We print on 100# gloss text. The dimensions can be customized to your specifications.


Q • Do you offer recycled paper?

A • We use paper that contains a minimum of 10% recycled content and is FSC certified. Most of our papers are FSC certified. Some cannot be, such as vinyl and synthetic papers. Certified paper is better than 100% recycled paper for several reasons:
1) It comes from well managed forests. No clear cutting is used for FSC paper.
2) It causes less wear and tear on machines, giving them a longer life and reducing our carbon footprint.
3) Using 100% recycled doesn’t certify the the paper was made in a “cleaner” environmentally sound way. There are many paper mills over seas making “dirty” paper they are selling as recycled.

Learn more about FSC certified paper here:http://bit.ly/QWMgpa