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Environmental Policy

We take every possible step to be eco-friendly. We strongly believe that any truly sustainable and successful business model has to take the environment into consideration.

We design and layout our facilities to take advantage of natural lighting and minimize electric light use. Where possible we prefer more Eco-Friendly LED lights rather than CFL.

We recycle all waste paper possible and we reuse paper stocks and boxes for shipping. In fact, we recycle so much of our waste that we use no more than the minimum waste service and container required by local ordinances.

We use paper that contains a minimum of 10% recycled content and is FSC certified. Most of our papers are FSC certified. Some cannot be, such as vinyl and synthetic papers. Certified paper is better than 100% recycled paper for several reasons:
1) It comes from well managed forests. No clear cutting is used for FSC paper.
2) It causes less wear and tear on machines, giving them a longer life and reducing our carbon footprint.
3) Using 100% recycled doesn’t certify the the paper was made in a “cleaner” environmentally sound way. There are many paper mills over seas making “dirty” paper they are selling as recycled.

Learn more about FSC certified paper here:http://bit.ly/QWMgpa

Our printing relies on cutting edge non-toxic toners and vegetable based inks that are safer for the environment than conventional inks. We guarantee that these inks will not compromise the print quality of your job. Our printing process minimizes the use of hazardous chemicals with the use of environmentally sound alternatives.

We plant a tree for every 2,000 lbs of paper we use. Trees consume carbon dioxide, therefore they reduce the environmental impact of what we produce. We encourage you to look into tree planting programs that are affordable and beneficial to all.

By changing a few habits, all of us can make a huge impact towards protecting the environment so that our future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet. We invest in wind and solar energy because we feel our society must break its dependence on fossil fuels.

If you do only one thing to help the planet, please, recycle. You would be amazed at what can be recycled and how damaging it is to the planet to not recycle.

Thank you for choosing PrintDirtCheap.com

The paper bundled below is ready to recycle! What did you recycle today?