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Color Matching and Proofing Policy

Most of our printed products are printed using the "gang-run" printing method. This minimizes our costs, allowing us to offer lower prices. It is our goal to have a pleasing overall color consistency for all the jobs on a gang, therefore we cannot make exact color matches. If you need an exact color match you may consider requesting a custom run or PMS color run for your job, understanding that this will cost significantly more. For example, our standard gang-run business cards cost less that $30 for a set of 1,000 where as a custom run can run as much as $150.00 or MORE!

Viewing your file on your computer with an RGB monitor is NOT proofing your job. Colors may shift drastically from your monitor to your printed job. We offer proofs under the category of "Proof". Proofs are offered for position and placement of your design elements and are not 100% color accurate because of the difference in equipment between the proofing machines and the printing presses. The best way to determine color output is to purchase a Pantone Color Bridge BEFORE you start designing.